5-Day Intensives

The Sanctuary:  Koh Phangan, Thailand

From January 25 - 29, 2010 and February 23 - 27, 2010 at the Sanctuary, the unique and beautiful Resort and Spa on the beach, immerse yourself in the healing power of Mystical Dance®! 

Monika returns for her sixth consecutive season to take you on a magic carpet into the sacred movements of belly dance bliss, where you will discover new dimensions to your femininity.  Beyond just belly dancing, this workshop weaves tantric theory, chakra energy work and meditation to create a unique and inspiring Shakti experience for all women, regardless of age or dance level.

Let body and spirit unite as you learn the mystical and ritual aspects of belly dancing.

What is the mystical aspect of this workshop? 

Dance expression is an ancient art and through conscious movement and invocation, you can awaken the Divine feminine within.  Belly dance is a language of sacred symbols and a dynamic method to experience the energies of the Universe. Tantric theory on the chakras, including meditations and visualizations are incorporated to go deeper into the mysteries of this dance.   The approach to the course is unique and holistic – from the secrets of energy work, to the role of dance in female rites of passage, to embracing fully your feminine potential -- it is all here for you.

What is the dance part of the workshop like?

The course breaks down the basic movements and isolations of belly dance and expands on this through combinations and full choreographed routines. Some highlights include learning veil and drum solo technique, dancing with light, north African trance and blessing dance, Bollywood-Bellydance, Egyptian cabaret, temple dance, and performance methodology.  Beautiful rituals and invocations, modern fusion, and group improvisation are other favorites that are covered.

The workshop is designed for the complete beginner to the intermediate level dancer – no previous dance training is required.  You will finish with a fantastic foundation on which to continue your dance exploration, and discover the freedom within the discipline of understanding this joyful art form.

From a dance perspective, the advantage is that this course introduces far more techniques, styles and historical background than you would encounter in a “regular” weekly class series, but all in a very accessible, clear and extremely pleasurable manner.

As a special highlight, on the final evening of the workshop, we will create a ritual dance offering.  This will be a highly transformational opportunity for you to apply the theories of transfiguration and to allow the Divine to radiate through you.  We will synthesize the dance teachings and manifest our collective Shakti energy in a very supportive group environment. Even beginners with no previous experience look like the goddess-come-to life.

Who is the teacher? 

Monika has been performing and teaching belly dance for 14 years in the USA, Europe and Asia.  Her dance training includes extensive studies in the classical Egyptian cabaret style with Yousry Sharif, Serena Wilson and Ibrahim Farrah.  Monika spent many years dancing professionally in the night club circuit of New York City, performing in large stage shows and cultural events worldwide, and has been featured in countless magazines and television programs, including MTV. 
Monika is also a senior teacher of kundalini-tantra with the Agama Yoga school and co-founder of the Agama branch in Dharamsala, India.  She is best known for her ability to unite yoga, tantra and dance into a complete Shakti celebration.

Monika’s love of dance and yoga, combined with a passion for teaching, keeps her globe trotting – recently she has held workshops in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, France, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Israel, Canada and the USA. Her students unequivocally agree that her courses are inspirational and for many, life changing.

What are the hours and where do we meet? 

This is an intensive and rewarding course! We meet 6 hours per day (sometimes longer :-), typically from 10:00 – 13:00 and then from 16:00 – 19:00. It’s a full schedule, but you will still have personal time to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, making this an ideal belly dance holiday. We devote the majority of our sessions to dancing, and we balance this with meditations, theory and special exercises corresponding to the day’s theme. 

Please join us in the newly built Prana Hall, a breathtaking pyramid roofed and teak floored sacred space for dance. The hall is in the Sanctuary Life Gardens.

What is the cost? 

Each five-day workshop is 7,500 Thai baht payable in cash (either in Thai bhat, Euros or US dollars, whichever is easiest for you). An "early-dancing bird" special is offered at 6,500 Thai baht for pre-registration and pre-payment. Space is limited so please reserve early.  Accommodation and food are additional. 

What about places to stay and eat? 

The Sanctuary has a wide array of accommodation options available, ranging from highly affordable dormitory style rooms, jungle bungalows and luxury, exotic houses. There are also other resorts in bay area that share in the fantastic jungle and beach paradise environment. Some additional recommendations include Love Lip Resort, Had Tien Resort and Beam Resort. You will have endless choices in gourmet food at the Sanctuary’s world famous beachfront vegetarian restaurant and community gathering space.

What should I bring?

Bring comfortable practice clothes.  A flowing skirt and hip scarf are helpful.  You are encouraged to wear anything that particularly inspires your inner and outer feminine spirit.  Veils and candle props will be provided.   Please also try to bring anything sparkly and Goddess-like for our final evening celebration.  
What are some comments of past participants?

“Inspirational, high energy,
I just loved
the whole experience!”

“…this course really changed me, I am more
in touch with my feminine side…”

“I loved the spiritual aspects…I feel renewed...”

“The Goddess is alive…in us all!
Thank you for the inspiration.”

“Great teacher.  More, more, more, please!”

“Exceptional.  You made it easy and fun to learn.”

“Beyond W.O.W.  You are the kind of teacher
I was waiting for…”

“This is the best thing I have done
for myself in a long, long time.”

“I felt so supported by you and
the whole group of incredible women.”

“This is so exciting!  And there’s so much to practice – truly fabulous!”

"We have become spiritual superheroines with glitter!"

“I am so happy and grateful I learned belly dance
through you.  There are alot of classes out there,
but none of them covering the mystical…”

“I’ve been traveling for a while now, all over Asia,
and this is definitely the highlight of my journey.
My partner couldn’t believe the changes in me.”

“I am a former model, but to be honest,
this is the first time I’ve really loved my body.”

 “I can’t capture in words what
this workshop has meant to me.”

“When are you coming back?!  I want to do this everyday!”

“What a deep way to connect with my “true” self. 
I’m grateful for this gift.”

“I learned and received so much!  All of
the background and explanations were
so fascinating and have given me a whole new
perspective on dance and being
a mystical woman in modern times.”

 “This was an exceptional and completely effective
way to put all the tantric theory into practice.”

“Thank you so much for your patience,
wisdom and inspiration.  It has been
an amazing journey learning with you – you have so many gifts and share them so generously.”

“I think these were the best four days of my life! 
I never felt so alive!”

“I’m sure you hear this all the time, but my life did completely change after the course last week.”

How do I find more information?

E-mail monikadancer@yahoo.com for any additional dance questions or refer to www.mysticalbellydance.net for more information on the workshop approach.  Please contact the Sanctuary at www.thesanctuarythailand.com for additional information on housing options, location, and spa therapies available.  If you are currently in Had Tien, please visit the Sanctuary Tea Temple for information and inspiration.

Wishing you love and light!   

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